The Asset Management industry is undergoing profound changes in response to a variety of economic, demographic and industry-related pressures. Investors expect (and demand) more personalized and tailored service from their investment managers – making client servicing one of the most important and complex functions of Asset Management. Firms must work harder to build trust with clients and propagate business than ever before.


Consumers—Gen Z to Boomers—now dictate how, when and where they interact with brands and corporations, and their digital expectations continue to rise. Today, online customers expect excellence and demand that their online experience be engaging, personal and available by whichever channel they choose. They want a seamless experience that works flawlessly each and every time.

Yesterday’s web-only interactions have become today’s mobile, data-driven digital experiences. So what makes a digital architecture agile enough to meet or exceed customer expectations?



During this webinar, LiquidHub and guest Andrew Hogan, one of Forrester’s Customer Experience experts, discuss how a well-executed blended experience is critical to the success of good UX and a stronger brand.

Today’s customers expect transparency, immediacy, and personalization when buying products whether its online or in a physical store. They are attracted to compelling experiences that add real value to their lives. The blended nature of the physical and digital experiences places an even greater premium on designing experiences that work from touchpoint to touchpoint and follow the cadence of the buyer’s desire.